The Grass is Blue
at Stonehedge

Welcome to Stonehedge, where the grass and the music will definitely be blue. This 200 year old historic farm, dedicated to preserving the old way, makes for an ideal setting for the music traditions handed down for generations. Camp on the rolling hills and pastures or along the wooded trails. Relax as the sound of the past emenates from the rustic post and beam stage or drift from the campfires. For a more hands on experience feel free to participate in our musical workshops and compete in our fiddle showdown to see whos the fastest fiddler in the land. Make "The Grass is Blue at Stonehedge" a family tradition for years to come.

Welcome to our Recession Buster

Open Stage Bluegrass Festival

Due to the negative effects of both the weather and economy on The Grass is Blue, and the continued down turn in the economy leaving many of our friends without work and financially and emotionally hurting. We have decided to continue The Grass is Blue 2011 as an “Open Stage Pickin’ Party”.

We've opened our awesome stage to all who wish to perform, and our facility to all who wish to camp and enjoy a wonderful weekend with Bluegrass friends, field picking, listening, learning, or just showing your talents.

Whether you come for the day or weekend. We ask only that you pay for electric if you are on a powered campsite and for those of us that are able, your donations are greatly appreciated not only for our other expenses but as encouragement for the future goals of "the Grass is Blue".

Our Barn Café will be open for all meals by donation and we’ll all join in a pot luck Supper Saturday night. Sunday will be all Gospel. We hope in the future to once again bring you to a full festival with our fiddle contest and to soon add a Gospel festival.

All bands who wish to play on stage need only sign up and state your availability.

Let's show our support for the traditions of Bluegrass and show what a resilient bunch we are.

M&M 's to All!!

Let’s make Music and Memories.

All festivities are rain or shine thanks to that great old barn and a second stage set up ready to go.

All song royalties are the responsibility
of the performers and bands

Bands performing and times at which they will perform
are subject to change due to bands being bands :)

For ticket inormation please contact:

342 W. Gray Road
Gray Me. 04039
phone: (207) 428-3659

Rules &
Map of